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Get better performing cloud servers for less money! Migrating servers or Your infrastructure from one cloud provider to another requires both time and money. We at UpCloud want to help you with that by offering our business customers 2-month free cloud migration period. Focus on the cloud migration without having to worry about the costs arising from using two different service providers.

World’s fastest cloud

Cloud services to fit your needs

European cloud provider UpCloud provides cloud servers and cloud storages with high performance, advanced networking capabilities, and fast network connectivities to supercharge your hosting performance. Our business customers run business-critical web applications on our enterprise-grade cloud.

N+1 redundancy with 100% uptime SLA

With N+1 redundancy throughout our entire infrastructure, all single points of failure have been eliminated. We will give you a 100% uptime SLA with 50x payback for any downtime of over 5 minutes. Build production-grade environments with 100% uptime and 24/7 customer support.

Global availability

Leverage the global reach of our 11 regional data centres in Europe, Asia, and the US which are interconnected through a low-latency private network. Create highly available, multi-region applications without a single point of failure!

24/7 live support

We believe in providing help when it’s needed, not when it’s too late. With a 1m 37s average median response time and an 89% satisfaction rate, we pride ourselves in providing probably the best support in the industry.

Apply for free cloud migration

Check if your company is eligible for the free cloud migration period. Please enter the details of your company and your current server infrastructure in the form below.

Terms and conditions

  • Free cloud migration period is available to our new business customers whose infrastructure costs on UpCloud will exceed $500 per month.
  • Duration and the specific conditions of the free cloud migration period may vary and will be determined together during the discussion with our team.
  • The general terms of service and privacy policy apply.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I apply for free cloud migration?

Fill the contact form with your company information and current infrastructure details. Within one business day, the UpCloud team will contact you to discuss your current situation and the migration options. But act quick, this is a limited time offer only.

Who is eligible for free cloud migration?

Free cloud migration is only available to new business customers whose infrastructure costs on UpCloud will exceed $500 per month. If you are an existing UpCloud user and would like to migrate more servers to UpCloud or if you are not eligible for the free migration period, please contact our Sales team

What services can I migrate to UpCloud?

You can deploy or migrate any virtual machines (Linux or Windows) from any existing cloud provider or from on-premise. Bring over your eCommerce sites, WordPress sites, business applications, cloud storage, or anything else you can run in the cloud. 

How long will the free cloud migration period last?

UpCloud's free cloud migration period lasts two months during which you will be charged no service costs.

Will UpCloud help me with the migration?

You need to handle the actual migration yourself but our team will point you in the right direction. We can also recommend you one of our trusted partners who can assist with the migration process.


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