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Quickly build bespoke container environments with easy setup and flexible configuration without a worry of maintenance.

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Making Kubernetes effortless

Managed control plane

Take full control over data plane components, such as worker nodes while leaving the care of running the control plane to us.

High availability control plane

Choose your control plane sizing based on your workloads and HA needs.

Private networking plugged in

Secure your clusters by running worker nodes on truly private networks without public IP connectivity.

Lifecycle management

Run cluster version upgrades and system patches automatically.

Easy autoscaling

Provision dynamic node groups thanks to full support for the Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler.

Load Balancer covered

Managed Kubernetes clusters come with built-in support for exposing TCP and HTTP(S) services through our Managed Load Balancer.

Stateful workloads

Create stateful workloads by managing UpCloud storage volumes through the UpCloud CSI (Container Storage Interface) plugin, a built-in feature for all clusters.

Choice of tooling

Seamless integration into the UpCloud ecosystem. Choose your preferred tooling with options including UpCloud Control Panel, Terraform, command-line tooling, SDK or pure API.

Freely configure your worker nodes

Pick your configuration or mix and match different-sized nodes in your clusters by defining multiple node groups.

Every Cloud Server plan is available to Kubernetes worker nodes for you to choose from!

General Purpose

Starting at


per month per node
  • Up to
  • 20 cores
  • 128 GB memory

High CPU

Starting at


per month per node
  • Up to
  • 64 cores
  • 128 GB memory

High Memory

Starting at


per month per node
  • Up to
  • 16 cores
  • 384 GB memory

Early bird access to UpCloud Managed Kubernetes

Find out how to get started with Managed Kubernetes effortlessly using your UpCloud Control Panel, API or Terraform.