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OpenCredo and UpCloud help organisations from startups to enterprises make sensible decisions about cloud technologies. Together, we will help you build and maintain effortless infrastructure on UpCloud using Terraform!

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How to get started

Below, you can find series of tutorials, articles, and videos we prepared together with OpenCredo to ensure help you with a smooth start with Terraform on UpCloud.

How to reduce downtime in Terraform redeployments

Deploying changes to live Terraform infrastructure can cause extended application downtime while resources are being replaced. Here's how to reduce that downtime and increase the availability of managed resources.

How to get started with Terraform

Terraform is a simple yet powerful open-source infrastructure management tool developed by HashiCorp. It allows you to safely and predictably manage your infrastructure by codifying APIs into declarative configuration files.

Reducing Terraform deployment downtime

This video demonstrates the usage of a couple of Terraform features that can reduce the downtime or unavailability of Terraform managed resources. For this demonstration, we've built a simple Go HTTP server.

We package this server into a custom machine image using Packer and the UpCloud Packer plugin. This custom image is deployed onto an UpCloud server using Terraform. 

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OpenCredo is a hands-on software development consultancy, specialising in cloud native architecture, application development, and data and platform engineering. They are also one of only four Hashicorp Verified Terraform Provider Partners.

Together with UpCloud, OpenCredo is helping new or existing clients design and deliver reliable and scalable technology platforms. 

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World's fastest cloud

UpCloud is a European cloud service provider offering a fast and reliable cloud platform with 100% uptime SLA from twelve data centres around the world.

We have been recognized twice as the #1 Performance Leader among the top 10 Cloud Hosting Providers in Europe by Cloud Spectator.

Our SME business customers run their business-critical web applications in the fields of managed hosting, IT services, eCommerce, SaaS, and PaaS.